Application of Microfiber Leather in Daily Life

Because of its excellent performance, moderate price, environmental protection and other factors, microfiber leather has been more and more applied in various fields of daily life. Today, we will talk about various applications of microfiber leather. To put it simply, microfiber leather can be replaced in all fields applicable to leather, so microfiber leather has been widely used in daily necessities such as shoes, clothing, bags, furniture sofas, decorative soft bags, gloves, car interiors, photo frame photo albums, notebook skins, electronic product protective covers, etc. Then, microfiber leather can be widely used, mainly because it has the following characteristics:


  • High strength, good toughness; 
  • Good uniformity, easy to cut, sewing;
  • Hydrolysis resistance, sweat resistance, aging resistance;
  • Wear resistance, resistance to twists and turns, high temperature resistance, low temperature;
  • Waterproof, strong anti-pollution ability, easy to maintain;
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly, tasteless, mildew and mothproof.

In the field of shoe materials, due to the characteristics of microfiber leather and the bright surface and strong plasticity of microfiber leather, the shoes made are not only beautiful in appearance, but also strong and durable, and have become the preferred material for major footwear brands. Application in the field of luggage, due to the high strength of microfiber leather, good toughness, wear resistance, resistance to twists and turns, easy maintenance characteristics, made of various types of backpacks, satchels, handbags and wallets, strong and durable, wear-resistant. In addition, microfiber leather has good uniformity, is convenient for cutting and sewing, and greatly reduces the production cost of luggage manufacturers. Microfiber leather is also widely used in other fields, such as belts, gloves, sofas and furniture, automotive interiors, electronic product protective covers, etc. In these fields, it fully demonstrates the characteristics of high strength, good toughness, perspiration resistance, aging resistance, mildew and mothproof, wear resistance and easy maintenance of microfiber leather.

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