“Belt and Road” Cross-border E-commerce Consumption (I)

April 25 that the Taiwan media reported that the mainland China e-commerce platform Jingdong released the “2019 “One Belt, One Road” cross-border e-commerce consumption report” on April 22. According to the report, mainland China goods are sold to more than 100 countries and regions such as Russia, Israel, South Korea and Vietnam through cross-border e-commerce. South Korea, Italy, Singapore, Austria and other countries have become the highest importing countries in online sales last year.

Taiwan’s “Wang Bao” reported on April 23, this report was released by Jingdong Big Data Research Institute, through the Jingdong e-commerce platform import and export consumption data, analysis of the “network silk road” linked by cross-border e-commerce. The data shows that under the “Belt and Road Initiative” initiative, mainland China’s online trade with countries is growing rapidly.

Large variety of export commodities.

According to the report, through cross-border e-commerce, mainland China has expanded its Internet trade relationship to Europe, Asia, Africa and other countries and regions. Among the 30 countries and regions with the highest growth in online export consumption in mainland China last year, Asian countries and regions occupy 13 seats, including Vietnam, Israel, South Korea and other countries and regions; European countries and regions also have 13 seats, including Hungary, Italy, Bulgaria, Poland and other countries and regions; the other four countries and regions are Chile in South America, New Zealand in Oceania and Russia and Turkey across Europe and Asia.

According to the report, the number of orders for cross-border e-commerce consumption in the “One Belt, One Road” initiative partner country increased sharply in Jingdong last year. In addition to the growth of new users, the frequency of online shopping for Chinese mainland goods through cross-border e-commerce has also increased significantly. . Among them, mobile phones and accessories, home, beauty and health, computers and Internet products are the most popular Chinese products in overseas markets.

According to reports, the online export of goods in mainland China has changed a lot in the past three years. The proportion of mobile phones and computers has decreased, but the proportion of daily necessities has increased. This shows that the relationship between “Made in China” and the daily life of overseas people is coming the bigger.

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