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Is Nappa Leather Worth it in a Car?

NAPPA leather is widely used in furs, uppers, bags and other industries. It is made of high-quality cattle leather and chemical materials with excellent performance, using advanced leather-making technology and high-precision leather-making equipment. Nappa leather is also used in automotive interior modification. Nappa leather is waterproof and impermeable, not easy to age, and has longer hydrolysis resistance time and longer service life than ordinary leather. Because the surface of Napa leather is not modified, it keeps natural texture and […]

How to Preserve Microfiber Leather in Summer?


It is rainy and humid in summer, and the preservation of microfiber leather is very easy to cause mildew. Accordingly, arrive in summer must be opposite the storage problem of microfiber leather causes to take seriously. So, in order to avoid mold, what kind of preservation methods can we take? Let’s introduce this problem for you.
Although microfiber leather is in making craft, added mildew proof agent, but in use, also need best moistureproof, mildew proof measure, place leather goods in cool, […]

Does Recycled Leather Include Artificial Leather?

The definitions of recycled leather and artificial leather are different. Artificial leather is made from foamed or coated PVC and Pu with different formulas on the textile cloth base or non-woven cloth base. It can be processed according to the requirements of different strength, wear resistance, cold resistance, color, luster and pattern. It has the characteristics of a wide variety of designs and colors, good waterproof performance, neat edges, high utilization rate and low price compared with leather.

Recycled leather […]

What is the Material of Microfiber fabric?

Microfiber leather is a high-tech imitation leather product. This product is a simulated leather structure. It is made of island-type ultra-fine nylon fibers (bundle ultra-fine fibers) and high-grade polyurethane resin. Widely popular all over the world. The performance of microfiber is better than that of genuine leather, and the surface effect can reach the same level as genuine leather; tear resistance, abrasion resistance, tensile strength, etc. are better than genuine leather, and it is cold-resistant, acid-resistant, and non-fading; light […]

Which Kind of Artificial Leather is the Best?

Artificial leather is the general name of PU leather and PVC leather. PVC leather is a kind of leather that is made from the leftover materials left after various raw skins are made into finished products and then re pressed after being broken by machines. PVC artificial leather is an early PVC leather, which has poor performance and is not environmentally friendly. PVC leather is affordable, waterproof and scratch resistant. The disadvantage is that it has a plastic taste, […]

Microfiber Leather is Widely Used in Safety Shoes

Safety shoes refers to the special shoes that are worn in various workplaces to protect the feet from injury. More and more countries bring safety shoes into individual labor protection articles. Due to the shortage of leather resources, microfiber synthetic leather with breathable moisture and waterproof will be widely used in protective shoes and gradually replace leather.

Relevant statistics show that about one-third of industrial safety accidents are caused by trample, collision or being hit by objects, which often result […]

Skills of Distinguishing True and False Microfiber Leather

Microfiber leather is the most advanced artificial leather technology at present. It is no different from natural leather in appearance and feel, and even surpasses natural leather in performance. However, what supports these advantages is its complex technology and slightly higher price compared with other types of artificial leather. Therefore, some imitation microfiber leather products also flooded the market. How can we buy high-quality microfiber leather when purchasing? The following four points must be paid attention to.

Check the fluffy […]

Identification Method of Artificial Leather

With the development of social science and technology, artificial leather technology is becoming more and more mature, and the product quality is greatly improved. Especially in the imitation leather, it can be confused with the real. It is similar to natural leather in many aspects such as permeability, flexibility, hand feel and appearance, but the price is far lower than natural leather. Therefore, in order to improve our identification ability, this paper introduces some simple and direct methods for […]

Do Car Manufacturers Use Genuine Leather?

Leather seats are standard for medium and high-end vehicles. Through the combination of leather and interior trim, you can show your personality and grade. Compared with ordinary cloth or other materials, it can not be well comparable with it. Therefore, leather seats are generally preferred to improve the grade of cars. Car leather seats are made from the original skin peeled from animals and then processed by a leather factory (Beijing Dragon chair leather). Usually cowhide, sheepskin and pig […]

What’s the Difference between PU Skin and Microfiber Skin?

Pu is Polyurethane, and PU skin is the skin of polyurethane Now clothing manufacturers widely use this material to produce clothing, commonly known as imitation leather clothing Pu is the abbreviation of English employment urethane and the Chinese name of chemical polyurethane. Its quality is also good or bad. Good bags mostly use imported PU skin.
The full name of microfiber leather is “Microfiber Reinforced leather”. It has extremely excellent wear resistance, excellent air permeability, aging resistance, softness and comfort, […]