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The Difference between Nappa Leather and Genuine Leather

The material is different
Nappa leather generally choose to grow well calfskin to do materials, and this was chosen as the material of calfskin rarely break, belong to the noble in cowhide, so the price is also higher than ordinary leather.
Ordinary leather is divided into first layer cowhide, two layer cowhide and viscose cowhide. The first layer of cowhide refers to the surface layer of cowhide, the second layer of cowhide refers to the first layer of the lower layer. […]

The Flame Retardant Principle of Microfiber Leather

Among the many advantageous properties of microfiber leather, one of the more prominent advantages is that it has good flame retardant properties. For leather materials, flame retardant performance is undoubtedly a technology that breaks through common sense, because as a textile material, flammability is its biggest feature. So, how does microfiber leather achieve flame retardancy? This is related to the addition of its flame retardant technology in its production process. Then, what is the flame retardant principle of microfiber […]

What is the Material of Microfiber Fabric?

Microfiber Leather is a high-tech imitation leather product, which simulates the structure of leather. It is made of island type ultra-fine nylon fiber (bundle shaped ultra-fine fiber) and high-grade polyurethane resin as raw materials, and is refined by a number of high-tech, and has been widely popular around the world. The performance of the super fiber is superior to that of the leather, and the surface effect can be consistent with that of the leather; Tear resistance, abrasion resistance, […]

Use of Microfiber Wipes

car cleaning with advanced wiping class: The requirements for wiping cloth for automobiles are getting higher and higher, especially for cars, suede is used as wiping cloth. Because suede is more expensive and expensive, it is not widely used. The market flow is to use microfiber leather instead of suede, and because it is soft and delicate, it does not damage the paint surface of automobiles. It has been well received by users. Auto beauty shops are using this […]

How to Clean the Car Seat?

Usually the car owner will choose the car beauty shop to clean the leather seats of the car, which saves not only time but also effort.
But will careful car owners find that the washed dermis will harden and have tiny cracks?This is mainly because they use foam detergent, which is corrosive to a certain extent.
It is recommended to use natural environmental decontamination agent or soap, because it is not only very corrosive, but also has strong decontamination, and the […]

Pure Leather Becomes the Leather of Luxury Cars in the Future

Mercedes Benz recently said that in order to achieve carbon neutrality by 2039, it has introduced some new processes and materials into its vehicle lineup, and its vehicles will consist of an average of 40% of recycled materials.

In order to achieve this goal, Mercedes Benz is looking for synthetic leather with leather texture – a leather substitute made of cactus fiber powder and fungal mycelium, which can help customers avoid using natural leather in their vehicles. At the same […]

Vegan Leather Becomes Leather for the Luxury Car of the Future

Mercedes-Benz said a few days ago that in an effort to become carbon neutral by 2039, it has introduced a number of new processes and new materials into its vehicle lineup, with vehicles that will consist of an average of 40 percent recycled materials.

To achieve this, Mercedes-Benz is seeking synthetic leather with a genuine leather feel – a leather alternative made from cactus fiber powder and fungal mycelium, which could help customers avoid using natural leather in their vehicles. […]

Does the Car Manufacturer use Leather?

Leather seats are the standard configuration of medium and high-end vehicles. The combination of leather and interior can show your personality and grade. Compared with ordinary cloth or other materials, it is not as good as it. Therefore, leather seats are generally the first choice for improving the quality of cars. Automobile leather seats are made of raw skins peeled from animals and processed by leather factories (Beijing Dragon Chair Leather). Usually cow, sheep and pig skins are the […]

What are the Materials of Car Seats?

When buying a car, people always pay more attention to the interior, and in the interior, the material of the seat can also show the luxury of the interior. What kinds of materials are usually used for car seats? Are car leather seats genuine leather? Let’s take a look at this.

Let’s take a look at what is genuine leather. The so-called genuine leather is not a standard professional term. First of all, let’s refer to the management regulations of […]

How to Distinguish Washed Leather,Genuine Leather and Pure Leather?

Automobile microfiber leather is actually the abbreviation of microfiber PU synthetic leather. It is a non-woven fabric with three-dimensional structure network made of a kind of microfiber short fiber through carding and needling, and then processed by wet process, PU resin impregnation, alkali reduction, skin grinding and dyeing, and finally made into the microfiber skin we call today. In all aspects, the super fiber leather has incomparable performance of real leather. Therefore, super fiber leather is naturally better than […]