Automotive Upholstery Leather Industry News

New Time of Automotive Interior Area.

According to a US transportation research institute, car users are currently spending four times as much time on commuting as they did in 1982. As a result, car manufacturers and their designers have raised the importance of car interiors. The same height as the external environment. The time and money they spend on the interior while designing the car is gradually rising.
In the future, the automotive industry will not only usher in the era of unmanned driving, but also […]

Time Of Automotive Interiors.

The world’s major auto companies have been trying their best to improve product quality, enhance competitiveness and please consumers. In this kind of effort, there is an important part of the improvement of the quality of the interior.
Mr. Greg Bernas is the project executive manager of Toyota and an automotive engineer. His full-time job is to narrow the gap between the car interior and the car body, such as the gap between the door of the glove box and […]

Great Changes Of Car Interiors Leather.

However, when leather is further applied and creates greater value, it also faces many challenges: in addition to the complexity of the production process due to the upgrade of interior functions and diversified customer needs, the quality is also required to be more reliable and cost-effective. Development and delivery time is further reduced. This means that in the value chain triggered by leather, benefits and challenges coexist.
It is understood that the tools and solutions used in the development, design […]

Digitization is the key to maintaining the value of leather.

Under the background of the continuous advancement of “Industry 4.0” and the gradual emergence of intelligent manufacturing, the digitalization and automation level have been continuously improved, and the leather design, cutting and production processes are also facing digital transformation and upgrading.
According to data provided by Lectra, a supplier of automotive interior design, development and tailoring solutions, in 2000, the proportion of car seat fabrics that were digitally cut was only 10%, and in 2015, this proportion increased rapidly. Up […]

The Focus Of The Interior Design.

We often say that the car interior design refers to the design of the interior space (such as the center console, seats, dashboards, etc.) and is an important part of the car. Compared with the appearance, the interior design of the car is more cumbersome, and the design work of the interior system accounts for more than 60% of the design of the car, and its importance can be seen. Whether as a car owner or a passenger, we […]

Cultural Awareness Characteristics of Artificial Leather.

The idea ofmodern artificial leather is worth exploring: one is green. Knowledge. Development: Another one is three high technology.
(1) the integration of Chinese footwear industry and artificial leather ;
(2) the cultural relationship between the luggage industry and artificial leather ;
(3) the cultural characteristics of the garment industry and artificial leather;
(4) the study of automotive interior products and other issues,this will help to enhance the cultural brand of artificial leather.
Artificial leather abstract geometric figures, animal patterns, plant shapes, philology, natural […]

Market Development of Synthetic Leather

Looking for the source, the leather industry is China’s traditional pillar industry. With the research and development of production technology, synthetic leather artificial leather has gradually replaced the status of natural leather with many advantages, and has become a heavyweight product in the leather industry today. In recent years, many synthetic leather synthetic products led by microfiber leather have become famous, and the output has continued to expand. The multi-functional leather is not to be outdone, and it has […]

Artificial Leather Product’s Technology Development.

Due to the special properties of the artificial leather synthetic leather and the speciality of the production process, it belongs to the edge discipline of the four flexible production systems of textile, paper, leather and plastic. Therefore, it should draw lessons from the technology of the four flexible production systems and at the same time exert its own characteristics. These techniques are applied organically in combination.
With the continuous advancement of technology in the future, new multi-functional artificial leather products […]

Increased Demand for Dark Interiors

The color of the car interior has a certain influence on the driver’s mood, and the dark interior can give people a sense of stability, restraint and strength. Although the choice of interior color will vary from person to person, the dark interior is more resistant to dirt and better care than the lighter interior. It is favored by many consumers. Now consumers are God. I believe that the dark interior will be next year. More than this year, […]

Follow-up headlights become standard.

Ordinary headlights have a fixed illumination range, and when the night car turns on a curve, the illumination angle cannot be adjusted, and a “blind zone” often appears on the inside of the curve. The follow-up headlights continuously adjust the headlights dynamically, keeping them in line with the current direction of the car, ensuring the driver’s visibility.
The follow-up headlights used to be the unique technology of the BMW 5 Series, and have now quietly brewed into more models. Dongfeng […]