Do Car Manufacturers Use Genuine Leather?

Leather seats are standard for medium and high-end vehicles. Through the combination of leather and interior trim, you can show your personality and grade. Compared with ordinary cloth or other materials, it can not be well comparable with it. Therefore, leather seats are generally preferred to improve the grade of cars. Car leather seats are made from the original skin peeled from animals and then processed by a leather factory (Beijing Dragon chair leather). Usually cowhide, sheepskin and pig skin are the main raw materials for making leather. Leather is generally divided into two categories: first layer leather and second layer leather, while car leather seats are car seats made of leather.
Generally speaking, real leather in the seat can accompany the car for life, because the car leather is different from the ordinary sofa leather. It is processed through multiple layers of technology, such as high temperature treatment. Even if you use a temperature of more than 200 degrees to barbecue, it will only shrink and deform slightly, but the sofa will change color and blister instantly. Although the leather seat is easy, we should pay attention to it at ordinary times, because it still has its own natural enemies – sharp objects and acid-base liquids.
Leather is less likely to get dirty than ordinary cloth and cotton. There is no seat for a long time, but it is just stained with dust. Instead, wipe with detergent, which can immediately remove stains and make the seat look new. Therefore, the cleaning of car seats pays great attention to the selection of cleaning agents, otherwise it will be self defeating and cause damage to leather chairs. In addition, the cleaning of leather chairs doesn’t pay much attention to the time cycle. It’s OK to clean them when they are dirty.

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