Environmental Friendliness of Microfiber Leather

The microfiber leather industry is probably no stranger to you, but it has always been an industry with high energy consumption and great pressure on the environment. In the next development process, it is also very important to reduce energy consumption and promote environmental protection in order to have a healthier development.
As we know, the production of microfiber leather is different from traditional synthetic leather, which is mostly produced by solvent-based resin, and this solvent needs a lot of water, electricity, gas, manpower and land to operate in the recycling device, which increases the possibility of secondary pollution; microfiber leather reduces the emission of waste gas and waste water in the production process, and avoids the “three wastes” in the recycling. The reappearance of “three wastes” is also avoided when recycling.

The microfiber leather industry has never stopped exploring the environmental protection production process and environmental protection materials. With the standardization of industry management and progress of production process, it has reduced the production cost and energy consumption of enterprises, and the products basically meet the environmental protection requirements. However, there is still a long way to go if synthetic leather products are to completely overturn the problems of high cost, high pollution and high energy consumption.

In terms of performance, water resistance, solvent resistance, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance and wrinkle resistance are all better than synthetic leather made of solvent-based resin, and the moisture permeability, breathability and handfeel are closer to genuine leather.

The development of microfiber leather industry will not stop, while we pursue better performance, we will not ignore our responsibility to the environment, and a more healthy and green development road will be our trend.

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