Great Changes In Car Interiors, Leather Has Become A “new vent”.

In recent years, as the automobile consumption structure tends to be younger, in addition to the appearance and power configuration, the interior has always been the focus of competition among car companies. Personalization, humanization, comfort and safety have become increasingly prominent and constantly improving. In particular, under the advancing of the automatic driving boom, it has given more imagination to the future car interior.

Leather, as a common covering material and an important quality symbol in automotive interiors, digitally involved and upgraded, surpassing the original material properties, and constantly refreshing the existence of the value chain in this revolution. In a technical seminar at the beginning of the year, a car owner said, “For most car manufacturers, leather is now more of a strategic lever than ever before, creating and upgrading more products. Value and bring profits.”

The benefits and challenges of the value chain triggered by leather coexist

In the car, leather is endowed with high-end luxury, and has become the mainstream trend for automotive interior components such as seats, steering wheels, shift knobs, door trims, instrument panels, sun visors, and headrests. With the rapid development of the automotive industry, especially the rapid growth of SUV models, it directly led to the use of more leather in the automotive interior. According to relevant data, in 2014, the annual leather consumption of automobiles was 447,000 square meters, accounting for 16.25% of the leather use; and by 2020, it will reach 687,500 square meters, accounting for 25%.

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