“Green” Consumption Awareness in the Post-Epidemic Era

In terms of consumer culture, The “green” consciousness of Chinese consumers has begun to take the lead in the global market.
According to Accenture’s China Consumer Research 2021: Post-PANDEMIC Report, 55 percent of Chinese respondents said they would place more importance on “corporate sustainability and ethical values” in the post-PANDEMIC era.

Consumers in China and the rest of the world are considering the extent to which they are linked to price when choosing a brand, according to accenture’s ninth COVID-19 survey.
The results of a study conducted by MII in collaboration with North Mountain Consulting Group show that acceptance of the next generation of leather products is extremely high in Chinese cities. Ninety percent of respondents said they prefer the next generation of leather to traditional leather, and 70 percent said they are very likely to buy the next generation of leather.

According to the report’s qualitative research, the next generation of leather proponents are motivated to consume the products’ Altruistic benefits in terms of the environment and animal welfare, while innovation, fashion and affordability are also taken into account.

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