How to Distinguish Washed Leather,Genuine Leather and Pure Leather?

Automobile microfiber leather is actually the abbreviation of microfiber PU synthetic leather. It is a non-woven fabric with three-dimensional structure network made of a kind of microfiber short fiber through carding and needling, and then processed by wet process, PU resin impregnation, alkali reduction, skin grinding and dyeing, and finally made into the microfiber skin we call today. In all aspects, the super fiber leather has incomparable performance of real leather. Therefore, super fiber leather is naturally better than real leather. As for the advantages, let’s list them one by one.
First of all, there is the problem of odor. We should know that the dermis itself is made of animal epidermis. Although there are many processing techniques in the later stage, there are still some odor. Especially under the sun, the odor is more serious. However, the smell of leather made of super fiber leather is not so serious. However, if you buy some inferior products, you may emit a plastic smell. Therefore, you must keep snacks when you buy.

The second is the performance of the material. We should know that the ultra-fine fiber is added to PU polyurethane, so the leather made of this material not only has excellent wear resistance, but also extends the service life of the leather to a certain extent, and is more excellent in permeability and flexibility, which is very helpful to the fineness of the touch. All these advantages are beyond the reach of traditional natural leather.
There is also the problem of environmental protection. Although leather does have excellent natural characteristics, with the increasing demand for leather and the severe environmental protection situation, natural leather can not meet everyone’s needs. At this time, the artificial leather such as super fiber leather can play its role. Not to mention how much the performance exceeds the real leather, the most important thing is that the super fiber leather is a kind of regenerated leather, which can be said to be the most ideal choice to replace the natural leather.

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