How to Preserve Microfiber Leather in Summer?


It is rainy and humid in summer, and the preservation of microfiber leather is very easy to cause mildew. Accordingly, arrive in summer must be opposite the storage problem of microfiber leather causes to take seriously. So, in order to avoid mold, what kind of preservation methods can we take? Let’s introduce this problem for you.

Although microfiber leather is in making craft, added mildew proof agent, but in use, also need best moistureproof, mildew proof measure, place leather goods in cool, ventilated place, undertake regularly air basks in, have very big profit to the use of leather.

Leather is in manufacture craft, had undertaken to prevent the processing that gives birth to mildew, below humid hot climate condition, mold and yeast breed regular meeting makes become leather lose luster, affect exterior quality, serious meeting erodes leather fiber interior, cause grain surface brittle crack and mildew, make the physical mechanical property of leather drops.

WINIW is to introduce the basic method of preserving microfiber leather in summer to avoid mildew. You can refer to it in the process of preservation. I hope the above introduction can bring you certain help.

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