Identification Method of Artificial Leather

With the development of social science and technology, artificial leather technology is becoming more and more mature, and the product quality is greatly improved. Especially in the imitation leather, it can be confused with the real. It is similar to natural leather in many aspects such as permeability, flexibility, hand feel and appearance, but the price is far lower than natural leather. Therefore, in order to improve our identification ability, this paper introduces some simple and direct methods for reference.

Visual identification
First of all, it should be distinguished from the patterns and pores of leather. There are clear pores and patterns on the surface of real leather. The patterns and pores distributed on the surface of these natural leather do exist and are unevenly distributed. There are animal fibers on the reverse side, side sections and obvious layers. There are animal fibers on the lower layer. When scraping with fingernails, the leather fibers will stand up and feel fluffy, and a small amount of fibers can also fall down, The fabric can be seen on the reverse side of artificial leather. There are no animal fibers on the side and generally no pores on the epidermis, but some have imitation leather artificial pores, there will be no obvious pores, some patterns are not obvious, or there are regular artificial patterns, and the pores are quite consistent.
Hand identification
Touch the leather surface with your hand, which makes you feel smooth, soft, plump and elastic; The general artificial leather has astringent, rigid surface and poor softness. When the front of the leather is bent down by about 90 degrees, there will be natural wrinkles. When different parts are bent respectively, there will be obvious unevenness in the thickness and number of folds. Basically, it can be recognized that this is leather, because the leather has a natural uneven fiber structure, so the wrinkle lines also have obvious unevenness.
Artificial leather feels like plastic and has poor recovery. The thickness of creases is more or less similar after bending.
Odor identification method
Leather has a strong fur smell, which is obvious even after treatment, while artificial leather products have a plastic smell and no fur smell.

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