Leather Industry Brand Conference: Marketing Strategy and Consumer Trends.

Focusing on the theme of “Marketing Strategy and Consumer Trends”, the forum invited Jayne Esteve Cure, President of the French Fashion Research Center, and Li Chonggang, General Manager of Alibaba Tmall Boutique Department Store, to give a special speech. At the same time, Mr. Wang Wei, Executive Vice President of the Hong Kong Brands Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Wang Weizhong, Deputy General Manager of Daphne Investment (Group) Co., Ltd., Zhang Limin, Chairman of Start (China) Co., Ltd., and Qian Bai International Holdings, the host of this session, were also invited. Wan Xianghua, the company’s vice president, conducted an interactive exchange.
JayneEsteve Cure pointed out in his speech that today, fast-growing emerging markets have completely changed fashion consumers. Fashion brands must seriously reflect on their business models and face new, complex and challenging challenges brought by the fast-changing international environment. Sexual consumer groups, fashion brands must fully adjust the strategy and respond positively.
In his speech, Li Chonggang gave a detailed introduction to China’s e-commerce profile, Tmall business development, Tmall shoe bag strategy core and development direction, and analyzed the future development of the shoe industry and other leather industry online market.


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