Market Development of Synthetic Leather

Looking for the source, the leather industry is China’s traditional pillar industry. With the research and development of production technology, synthetic leather artificial leather has gradually replaced the status of natural leather with many advantages, and has become a heavyweight product in the leather industry today. In recent years, many synthetic leather synthetic products led by microfiber leather have become famous, and the output has continued to expand. The multi-functional leather is not to be outdone, and it has seized the market at a rapid speed. So what will happen to the development of the synthetic leather artificial leather industry in the future?

Looking around the development of the industry market, the investment in microfiber leather construction and sudden emergence, the production capacity is expected to continue to expand, the market will continue to exceed supply, the price pressure will be greater, the company’s investment in ordinary synthetic leather will become cautious;

In the future market, microfiber leather will become the leading product. It is natural to say that the market competition is fierce, and the price war will surely start. At the same time, with the change of people’s consumption concept and the requirements of the downstream products industry, the consumption demand in many application fields will increase. It will become larger and larger with the increase of synthetic leather grade and the increase of differentiated functionality, such as automotive leather, furniture leather, ball leather and so on.


Synthetic Leather for Car

Synthetic Leather for Automotive

Artificial Leather for Automotive

Artificial Leather for Car

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