Microfiber Leather is Widely Used in Safety Shoes

Safety shoes refers to the special shoes that are worn in various workplaces to protect the feet from injury. More and more countries bring safety shoes into individual labor protection articles. Due to the shortage of leather resources, microfiber synthetic leather with breathable moisture and waterproof will be widely used in protective shoes and gradually replace leather.

Relevant statistics show that about one-third of industrial safety accidents are caused by trample, collision or being hit by objects, which often result in foot injury or even disability. Recently, more and more countries require industrial workers to wear protective shoes to prevent the danger of accidents.
As the concept of environmental protection is increasingly popular, governments of various countries have also issued a variety of laws and regulations to limit the high pollution of leather production process, and leather sources are limited, the price is becoming more and more expensive, some safety shoes manufacturers also began to seek leather substitutes, safety shoes with good performance of microfiber synthetic leather emerged. More importantly, in some special occasions such as aseptic work, dermis can easily rot and breed bacteria, making the simulation leather microfiber synthetic leather with stable performance in all aspects have obvious advantages in making safety shoes.
Compared with real leather, the disadvantage of microfiber leather is that it does not absorb sweat and breathe freely, and there will be discomfort and foot covering. Because this safety shoe uses the ultra fine leather must have close to dermal permeable and breathable function, and have waterproof characteristic again. Generally speaking, wearing microfiber leather safety shoes in rainy days, the rain will not penetrate into the shoes, but also can remove the sweat inside the shoes, so as not to cover the feet and discomfort.

Of course, safe shoe also has taller requirement to safe performance, if prevent static electricity, protect toe safety, have tall requirement to the physical performance of ultra fine leather so. Can be lucky is, at present the wear-resisting, corrosion-resisting, anti-tearing degree that guard shoe uses super fiber synthetic leather, intensity has exceeded dermal, suit industrial work purpose very much.
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