Hitler, the founder of the proud highway in Germany, Hitler traveled all over Germany for more than half a year after taking office, calling on the German people with slogans, allowing unemployed workers to participate in his highway construction and set up ” Imperial Road Company.” On September 23, 1933, Hitler’s highway plan was finally implemented.

In addition, Hitler made strict standards for the expressway: four lanes 34 meters wide; there is a 5 meter green belt in the middle; no street lights are set, but a reflective cement column is set every 200 meters; The slope of the road is required to be small, and the turning radius should be as large as possible. He appointed the head of the highway project, Dr. Todd, and even listed most of the facilities needed for modern highways such as emergency parking, viaducts, closed overpasses and service areas with gas stations and restaurants. within. This cannot but make us feel sincerely admired.

Hitler’s consideration of the highway is not just civilian. In his pursuit of the highway, he thinks more about war. He not only requires the highway to allow the army to traverse things in one day, but also requires some sections to Drop the plane. The width of 34 meters is to adapt to the take-off and landing of fighters that need 30 meters width. The design of reflective cement columns is also for navigation needs.


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In 1885, German mechanical engineer Karl Benz invented the world’s first practical internal combustion engine car, but what bothered him was that he could not test the car. It turned out that the relevant government departments did not allow him to test the car, because they thought: If the test is successful, there will be a lot of cars, then you will use a lot of gasoline and destroy the road. Seeing Bentz’s ideals is going to be a bubble.

Fortunately, his wife, Berta Benz, is a daring woman. In 1888 she completely ignored the obstruction of the local government. In the absence of Carl Bentz’s knowledge, she did not On the premise of any driving training, with her two children driving the first car invented by Carl Bentz, it passed the 190KM journey. She became the first car driver in the world.


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The airbag on the car can’t be used all the time. Generally, the service life of the airbag is the same as that of the car, but it is not the case. In fact, we don’t know how long the airbag can be used. If the airbag is broken, it can be very dangerous when an accident occurs.

Generally speaking, if we find that the indicator light is always flashing, or if the car has some other things, then we need to pay attention to this time. It is very likely that some problems in the airbag need to be promptly went to the repair shop. Related tests to see if there are any problems, if there is a problem, then you can replace the repair in time.


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1.Everyone knows that Volvo is the safest car brand in the world, and the car’s seat belt was invented by Volvo Car. Until now, Volvo’s car safety technology is still in the forefront of the automotive industry. Volvo invented the seat belt, but China invented the seat belt buckle. The seat belt buckle was invented for not wearing a seat belt. It is the nemesis of the seat belt.
2.With the continuous development of globalization, the automotive industry has long been a global cooperative industry, and imported cars are everywhere on the street. The world’s first export car is a Mercedes-Benz, and the car is exported to China. In the past, Yuan Shikai imported the Mercedes-Benz from Germany in order to please the Empress Dowager Cixi. However, due to the problem of seating, this car was not liked by Empress Dowager Cixi.
3.China is now the largest car consumer market, and many car brands also view China as the main market. In 2017, the Chinese market contributed 40% of sales to the public, Honda contributed 27% of sales, contributed 25% of Nissan’s sales, contributed 24% of sales to Ford, and contributed 24% of sales to Mercedes-Benz. In addition, every quarter of the world’s cars are made in China.


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• Cleaning: Use a cleaning agent to remove dust and stubborn stains from the leather surface.

·Lipuring and repairing: After fatliquoring, it can help the leather to supplement nutrition, and carry out local repair treatment to restore the smoothness of the leather surface.

·Coloring: Repair the abrasion of the leather surface according to the production process, and at the same time restore the bright and bright color of the leather surface.

·Handle: Use a special silk feeler to make the leather feel softer and smoother.

Some tips for maintenance:

· The car leather chair should be kept away from the heat source. If it is too close to the heat source, the leather will be cracked.

· Do not expose to the sun for a long time to avoid the color fading.

· Regularly carry out cleaning and maintenance, use a semi-dry wet rag to help the dust, keep it dry and tidy.

· If it is dirty, use a small amount of multi-purpose foam cleaner to clean and keep the leather surface dry.

· When sitting in the seat, avoid the key ring on the body, the iron button on the clothes, etc. to touch the seat to prevent scratches.

· Prevent liquids from soaking the seat.


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The Volkswagen relied on the Beatles to reach the 1980s, and later used the diesel to reach the 1990s.

In addition to selling cars, the public also sells sausages, and the popular sausages are also famous in Europe. Everyone always said that Volkswagen’s headquarters is in Wolfsburg. In fact, it is not true. It is because the public headquarters was first established, and then the city of Wolfsburg was established. There was no such place before.

In 2014, Volkswagen’s processing plant produced a total of 7.8 million sausages, which is higher than the sales of automobiles. This is like the fact that Zotye has produced a tasteless duck neck and BYD has produced a quick-frozen pork-baked package.


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People who don’t understand will think that water is added to the car’s water tank. Actually it is not, but antifreeze. Why can’t it be replaced with tap water?
That is because the water tank of the car needs to be responsible for cooling and cooling, but the tap water is easy to boil, there are many substances inside, it is easy to generate rust, and the antifreeze can cool down, control the temperature, and have a certain cleaning effect. In addition, in the winter car, if there is tap water, it is likely to be frozen, but the antifreeze will not have problems in the lower 40 degrees.


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The traditional operation mode of gas and liquid contact mainly uses towers, columns and mixing clarifiers to achieve the purpose. This type of operation often comes into contact with two phases, so that emulsification, foaming and the like occur. Membrane-based absorption is the application of hollow fiber microporous membranes, so that the two phases that need to be in contact are in the pores of the membrane and in the membrane surface, respectively, thereby preventing the occurrence of emulsification to a certain extent. Compared with the traditional membrane separation technology, the selectivity of membrane-based absorption has a great connection with the absorbent, and the membrane-based absorption only requires low pressure as the basic driving force, thus improving the two-phase fluid. The fluidity between them ensures the stability of the contact interface.

At this stage, by discussing in detail the basic operating principle and process of VOCS and its application trends, it can be seen that with the increasingly prominent air pollution phenomenon, a number of membrane treatment processes are combined with each other, which can effectively treat the exhaust gas. The volatile organic compounds are recycled and produced, which have good environmental and economic benefits and good prospects for future development.


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The VP process was produced in the 1980s and belongs to a gas phase separation process. The related separation principle and the pervaporation process have great similarities, usually by the selectivity of the feed components of the membrane material. Achieve the goal of separation. Coupled with the absence of high temperatures and phase transitions, VP is far more reasonable and effective than pervaporation. At the same time, volatile organic compounds do not undergo changes in chemical structure and are easy to recycle.
In general, the VP process is formed with a collection of condensed solids that are produced in the reactor by condensation or compression, and the recovered portion of the volatile organics is returned to the reactor and the remaining gas enters the membrane module. In the VP method, the membrane silicone rubber mold frequently used in the waste VOCS is recovered, and the relevant personnel in the polypropylene hollow fiber base film are plasma-grafted with the active layer of the polysiloxane, which is generally applied to test In the chamber and in the pilot plant, the function is to remove methanol and toluene from the exhaust gas.
Furthermore, it is also possible to separate the VOCS in the air by using the hollow fiber semi-permeable membrane in the polydimethylsiloxane. It can be seen that the flux of xylene, toluene and acrylic acid is more than 100 times that of the air, but for the application. In the film of the silicone rubber skin, the selectivity to VOCS is reduced. Finally, through comparative analysis, in the higher VOCS concentration and lower flux, the VP process is more economically viable than the traditional process, and the effect is extremely high.


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According to 129 pollutants controlled by the US Environmental Protection Agency, 31 of them are volatile organic compounds. Some representative volatile organic compounds are also listed in Table 1.
The volatile organic compounds in the table are mainly derived from the following aspects:
1 Fixed sources of volatile organic compounds, such as emissions from exhaust gases such as the petrochemical industry and the pharmaceutical industry, as well as some highly volatile paints, coatings, and organic solvents in the manufacture of leather. source.
2 The mobile source of volatile organic compounds is mainly derived from automobile exhaust.
3 In daily life, the fumes emitted from household cooking also contain many volatile organic compounds.
Basic process: The membrane element is the core part of the membrane separation method. The membrane elements are various, and the gas membrane and the liquid membrane are divided according to the phase state of the treatment object, but are often divided into a flat membrane, a hollow fiber membrane, and a wound membrane.


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