Pure Leather Becomes the Leather of Luxury Cars in the Future

Mercedes Benz recently said that in order to achieve carbon neutrality by 2039, it has introduced some new processes and materials into its vehicle lineup, and its vehicles will consist of an average of 40% of recycled materials.

In order to achieve this goal, Mercedes Benz is looking for synthetic leather with leather texture – a leather substitute made of cactus fiber powder and fungal mycelium, which can help customers avoid using natural leather in their vehicles. At the same time, they also indicated that the scheme was still under study.
If customers really need natural leather, Mercedes Benz will start to provide leather specially for sustainable procurement. To achieve this goal, Mercedes Benz will study all aspects from livestock breeding to tanning. It will only purchase leather from suppliers that comply with animal welfare rules, and the supply chain must be free of any form of illegal deforestation, and the tanning process must also be free of chromium.


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