Skills of Distinguishing True and False Microfiber Leather

Microfiber leather is the most advanced artificial leather technology at present. It is no different from natural leather in appearance and feel, and even surpasses natural leather in performance. However, what supports these advantages is its complex technology and slightly higher price compared with other types of artificial leather. Therefore, some imitation microfiber leather products also flooded the market. How can we buy high-quality microfiber leather when purchasing? The following four points must be paid attention to.

  • Check the fluffy degree of super fiber leather. The real super fiber is relatively slow to unfold after being kneaded into a ball, while the fake super fiber is fluffy quickly, with soft and lightweight feel.
  •  The color of true super fiber is bright and natural.
  •  For the viscosity test, you can stick the super fiber on the clothes. For ordinary cloth clothes, when the clothes are vertical, the super fiber is still “stuck” (pasted) on the clothes, which indicates that the fiber is fine enough and is super fiber.
  •  The water absorption capacity of real super fiber is relatively large. For example, after soaking in water, take it up and screw out a large amount of it (compared with cotton), which is basically that most of them do not absorb much water.

    To distinguish true and false microfiber leather, you can choose and buy according to the above four skills. All the summary and introduction are very simple and easy identification methods. I hope to give you some tips.

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