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Is PU Leather Safe?

Is PU Leather Safe?

PU (polyurethane) leather is a synthetic material commonly used as a substitute for genuine leather. It is a cost-effective and cruelty-free alternative that offers similar textures and finishes as real leather. PU leather is widely used in clothing, shoes, bags, furniture, and car upholstery. But, the question is, is PU leather safe?
The safety of PU leather is a debatable topic, as it can have both positive and negative implications. On one hand, PU leather is considered […]

Environmental Friendliness of Recycled Leather

According to the relevant environmental protection agencies statistics, more than 10% of global carbon emissions are caused by the traditional leather production process, and after layers of processing leather is often difficult to natural decomposition.
Data on the production of recycled leather shows that the whole process of making recycled leather can reduce the production of harmful substances and save up to 90% of water compared to the natural leather production process.
Recycled leather is a good balance between the human […]

What is Recycled Leather?

Recycled leather has the characteristics of both genuine leather and PU, and is a very versatile leather fabric nowadays. So what is recycled leather? Here’s a look at recycled leather.
Regenerated leather is leather or regenerated leather raw materials crushed into a certain size of leather fiber, then it will be mixed with natural rubber, resin and other raw materials, and then compressed into a filter cake; the filter cake will be heated, so that the surface layer of the […]

What is Imitation Leather?

Imitation leather is artificial leather, simulated leather is made of PVC, PU,PE and other thin film processing materials, with a variety of texture and color, wear resistance, cold resistance and color, gloss, pattern patterns and other industries widely used in clothing, shoes, leather goods, automotive floor glue manufacturing.
Because of the innovation of production technology, the surface of imported simulated leather on the market in recent years is almost similar to that of genuine leather. Clothing, leather shoes and leather […]