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How does synthetic leather affect the environment?

How does synthetic leather affect the environment?
Synthetic leather, also known as faux leather, can have a positive impact on the environment when compared to traditional leather. First and foremost, synthetic leather is made without animal hides, which helps to reduce the negative impact of the livestock industry on the environment. It also helps to reduce the amount of waste produced by the industry, as there is no need to dispose of animal hides.
Additionally, synthetic leather can be made from […]

What is ecological leather?

What is ecological leather?

Ecological leather is a new type of leather that is becoming increasingly popular in the fashion industry. It is also known as sustainable or vegan leather. Unlike traditional leather, ecological leather is made from sustainable materials that are environmentally and ethically friendly.
There are several types of ecological leather available on the market, including apple leather, pineapple leather, and mushroom leather. Each type of ecological leather is made from a different natural material, and they all offer […]

Application and Development of Microfiber Leather

International market, in foreign countries, especially in Japan, the production of imitation suede microfiber leather for automobiles is increasing by double digits every year, reaching 2.448 million square meters in 2004, 3.272 million square meters in 2005, close to 3.926 million square meters in 2005, synthetic leather for automobiles, will speed up in the future, to the world scale popular expansion.
Chinese market, the annual production of 6.37 million cars in 2006, it is expected that the annual production of […]

Is Artificial Environmental Leather Good?

According to each environmental protection requirements level, artificial leather can be simply can be divided into: non-environmental leather, ordinary environmental protection leather and senior environmental protection leather. With the different environmental protection grade general price is also different, and the environmental protection condition is also different.
Non-environmental leather is generally cheap, mostly used in industrial products, infrastructure and other people do not need to often contact more. But with the world for environmental protection more and more attention, non-environmental leather […]

How to Distinguish Good and Bad Microfiber Leather?

Winiw tells you how to distinguish good and bad microfiber leather:

Looking at the texture, you will find that the texture of high-quality microfiber leather is more clear and the surface layer has a strong sense of leather. The inferior microfiber leather has a rough texture and a strong sense of plastic.
Feel: high quality microfiber leather has a good feel, with high flexibility, resilience and comfort.
Look at the creases, fold up the same kind of microfiber leather, compare the thickness […]