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Environmental Friendliness of Recycled Leather

According to the relevant environmental protection agencies statistics, more than 10% of global carbon emissions are caused by the traditional leather production process, and after layers of processing leather is often difficult to natural decomposition.
Data on the production of recycled leather shows that the whole process of making recycled leather can reduce the production of harmful substances and save up to 90% of water compared to the natural leather production process.
Recycled leather is a good balance between the human […]

Application and Development of Microfiber Leather

International market, in foreign countries, especially in Japan, the production of imitation suede microfiber leather for automobiles is increasing by double digits every year, reaching 2.448 million square meters in 2004, 3.272 million square meters in 2005, close to 3.926 million square meters in 2005, synthetic leather for automobiles, will speed up in the future, to the world scale popular expansion.
Chinese market, the annual production of 6.37 million cars in 2006, it is expected that the annual production of […]

What is Recycled Leather?

Recycled leather has the characteristics of both genuine leather and PU, and is a very versatile leather fabric nowadays. So what is recycled leather? Here’s a look at recycled leather.
Regenerated leather is leather or regenerated leather raw materials crushed into a certain size of leather fiber, then it will be mixed with natural rubber, resin and other raw materials, and then compressed into a filter cake; the filter cake will be heated, so that the surface layer of the […]

Can Artificial Leather Replace Natural Leather?

Simply consider the feel of this problem, the artificial leather microfiber leather and some high-end PU material has been able to do with the real leather feel appearance almost no difference.
The closest microfiber, microfiber is nozzle jet superfine fiber, stacked non-woven fabric production process to a certain thickness after use similar filaments with needle pierced closer, again into fertilizer filling, microfiber on the structure is simulated biological a structure of fibrous tissue, after adding the additives these dry again […]

Which Kind of Artificial Leather is the Best?

Artificial leather is the general term of PU leather and PVC leather. PVC leather is the leftover material left after making all kinds of raw leather into finished products, which is crushed by machine and then pressed again. PVC artificial leather is the early PVC leather, which has poor performance and is not environmentally friendly. PVC leather is affordable, waterproof and scratch resistant. The disadvantage is that it has a plastic taste, feels hard and is sensitive to temperature. […]

How to Clean Car Leather Seats?

Usually car owners will choose a car beauty shop to clean the leather seats of the car, which not only saves time but also saves effort. But whether careful car owners will find that the leather after cleaning will become hard and have tiny cracks. This is mainly because they use foam detergents, which are somewhat corrosive. It is recommended to use a natural and environmentally friendly detergent or soap, because it is not only extremely corrosive, but also […]

What is the Material of Microfiber fabric?

Microfiber leather is a high-tech imitation leather product. This product is a simulated leather structure. It is made of island-type ultra-fine nylon fibers (bundle ultra-fine fibers) and high-grade polyurethane resin. Widely popular all over the world. The performance of microfiber is better than that of genuine leather, and the surface effect can reach the same level as genuine leather; tear resistance, abrasion resistance, tensile strength, etc. are better than genuine leather, and it is cold-resistant, acid-resistant, and non-fading; light […]

Synthetic Suede is Becoming the Favored Material for High-end Automobiles

Now, synthetic suede is becoming the favored material for high-end automobiles, however, at one time leather car seats were
synonymous with luxury.
With growing affluence on the planet, and the increasing popularity of luxury-driving and car-sharing solutions, business is
booming for synthetic suede makers. One of these firms, Japanese firms are the ones which sit comfortably in the driver’s seat,
according to an article printed in the weekly newsmagazine of the American Chemical Society, Chemical and Engineering News (C&EN).

Senior Correspondent Jean-Fran? Ois Tremblay […]