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Is Nappa Leather Worth it in a Car?

NAPPA leather is widely used in furs, uppers, bags and other industries. It is made of high-quality cattle leather and chemical materials with excellent performance, using advanced leather-making technology and high-precision leather-making equipment. Nappa leather is also used in automotive interior modification. Nappa leather is waterproof and impermeable, not easy to age, and has longer hydrolysis resistance time and longer service life than ordinary leather. Because the surface of Napa leather is not modified, it keeps natural texture and […]

How to Preserve Microfiber Leather in Summer?


It is rainy and humid in summer, and the preservation of microfiber leather is very easy to cause mildew. Accordingly, arrive in summer must be opposite the storage problem of microfiber leather causes to take seriously. So, in order to avoid mold, what kind of preservation methods can we take? Let’s introduce this problem for you.
Although microfiber leather is in making craft, added mildew proof agent, but in use, also need best moistureproof, mildew proof measure, place leather goods in cool, […]

What is the Material of Microfiber fabric?

Microfiber leather is a high-tech imitation leather product. This product is a simulated leather structure. It is made of island-type ultra-fine nylon fibers (bundle ultra-fine fibers) and high-grade polyurethane resin. Widely popular all over the world. The performance of microfiber is better than that of genuine leather, and the surface effect can reach the same level as genuine leather; tear resistance, abrasion resistance, tensile strength, etc. are better than genuine leather, and it is cold-resistant, acid-resistant, and non-fading; light […]

What is Automotive Leather? What is Automotive Leather made of?

What is Automotive Leather? What is Automotive Leather made of?

What is Automotive Leather?

Car leather is an ideal material for car interior seats. The characteristics of leather materials, excellent durability, can not be replaced, especially its service life and durability, even if some parts of the car may rust, but car leather, If handled properly, it will remain pristine forever. Automotive leather is suitable for seats, steering wheels, door handles, and other car interiors.

Are all car leather genuine leather?

Car leather is […]