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What is Recycled Leather?

Recycled leather has the characteristics of both genuine leather and PU, and is a very versatile leather fabric nowadays. So what is recycled leather? Here’s a look at recycled leather.
Regenerated leather is leather or regenerated leather raw materials crushed into a certain size of leather fiber, then it will be mixed with natural rubber, resin and other raw materials, and then compressed into a filter cake; the filter cake will be heated, so that the surface layer of the […]

Antibacterial Steering Wheel

The Industry’s First Comprehensive Antibacterial Steering Wheel with Antibacterial Rate 99% was Successfully Developed!

A few days ago, the Guangdong Institute of Microbiology conducted an authoritative test on the newly developed anti-bacterial materials such as steering wheels, handles, shift heads, buttons and other interiors developed by a car company. The results show that the anti-bacterial material for the high contact rate parts in the car can meet the national standard anti-bacterial rate of> 99% Class I requirements, and even achieve an anti-bacterial rate of nearly aseptic state. Antibacterial) English logo. This also marks […]