The 11th Global Automotive Industry Summit in Shanghai 2019.

The industrial revolution brought about by the new round of technological revolution in 2019, the connotation and extension of the automobile industry and automobile products continue to expand, and the new trend of electrification, networking, intelligence and sharing is deconstructing the old pattern to meet individualization.

A new industrial chain centered on consumption and travel services is taking shape. In the era of technology and innovation, emerging technologies such as digitalization, artificial intelligence, and blockchain have promoted the rapid integration of new manufacturing, new retail, and new rides. Undoubtedly, the relationship between people, cars, cars and life will be redefined in the next decade.

From making cars, selling cars, driving to using cars, Black Technology is moving the concept to the market, making the car truly a provider of travel, mobility and service. It is foreseeable that the competition in the automotive industry will become more intense in the next few years, and the automotive industry is undergoing a major transformation.

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