The top ten global car sales in the first half of 2019

The top ten global car sales in the first half of 2019:

Toyota Corolla + Corolla EX
Ford F Series
Toyota RAV 4
Honda Civic
Honda CR-V
Volkswagen Tiguan
Volkswagen Golf
Toyota Camry
Ram Pickup
Volkswagen Polo

The top ten models in the global sales list have not changed much, and the Japanese models account for 5 seats. These models are also explosion models in China. Throughout the top ten, the rankings of Volkswagen’s three models have all declined, and sales have fallen sharply, with golf falling the most.
Toyota’s global sales continued to lead in the first half of the year, and Ford’s plunging year-on-year, and the successive setbacks in the Chinese domestic market also brought a fatal blow. The market is not only limited to China, but it can be seen in global sales. Honda has the three major boosts of CR-V, Civic and Accord.


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