What are the Materials of Car Seats?

When buying a car, people always pay more attention to the interior, and in the interior, the material of the seat can also show the luxury of the interior. What kinds of materials are usually used for car seats? Are car leather seats genuine leather? Let’s take a look at this.

Let’s take a look at what is genuine leather. The so-called genuine leather is not a standard professional term. First of all, let’s refer to the management regulations of the China Leather Association for the certification of genuine leather marks. To match the leather products with this sign, the main materials used should be natural top leather and natural fur. In other words, if the car is made of genuine leather, it may be real animal skin, but also the first layer. The durability of these skins is very good, and they are not easy to be damaged and rotten. The market price of such skins is generally several thousand yuan.
In addition, it is generally divided into the first layer of skin and the second layer of skin. Those, the so-called automobile genuine leather, are formed from the original skins peeled from animals and then processed and made in leather factories. As the main raw material for leather production, it is usually some cowhide, sheepskin or pigskin.
The current market price of genuine leather is at least several thousand yuan, and this is only a layer of leather. A series of physical and chemical processing, tanning and other processes are required to make seats. In this way, the price of leather seats is even higher. Usually only high-end cars are willing to use leather.

So now most cars use imitation leather seats. The so-called imitation leather seats are mainly made of two materials, one is artificial leather and the other is super fiber leather.
Generally speaking, Pu artificial leather is used as the raw material of ordinary car seats. And artificial leather often appears bright spots and orange peel, which is not as natural and smooth as real leather. Pu artificial leather is the skin of polyurethane, which can reduce the cost of making car seats. Although there are some shortcomings, Pu artificial leather has improved its performance and environmental protection, basically reaching the threshold of high quality and low price, and major manufacturers are willing to choose PU materials first.
The price of the other kind of super fiber leather is relatively expensive, which is more advanced than the ordinary Pu artificial leather. For example, the seat leather used in some cars is called suede, which is a kind of super fiber leather, and the price is not much cheaper than real leather.


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