What is Automotive Leather? What is Automotive Leather made of?

What is Automotive Leather? What is Automotive Leather made of?


  1. What is Automotive Leather?

Car leather is an ideal material for car interior seats. The characteristics of leather materials, excellent durability, can not be replaced, especially its service life and durability, even if some parts of the car may rust, but car leather, If handled properly, it will remain pristine forever. Automotive leather is suitable for seats, steering wheels, door handles, and other car interiors.


  1. Are all car leather genuine leather?

Car leather is not necessarily genuine leather. Now there are many genuine leather used in the original car of the car, all of which are said to be genuine leather, but in fact most of them are matching leather, matching artificial leather, because the physical properties of artificial leather will be better than genuine leather and durable. The durability is also longer than that of leather, so everyone will use PVC or PU artificial leather to replace leather. The requirements for environmental protection and emission are also very high, and the flame retardant and wear resistance is also better than leather.


  1. What is Automotive Leather made of?

There are different kinds of car leather, and the materials used for making them are also different.

Automobile leather can be divided into the following three types of leather: 1. Artificial leather: Artificial leather is the main force of car leather, PVC artificial leather with PVC resin as raw material, PU leather produced with PU resin as raw material, with PU resin and non-woven fabric as raw materials The synthetic leather produced, most of the artificial leather seats on the market today are made of PU polyurethane. The biggest advantage is low cost and durability. Some of the artificial leathers are not even worse in performance and practicability than genuine leather. 2. Microfiber leather: Microfiber leather is a relatively advanced artificial leather. The full name is microfiber reinforced leather. The surface layer of microfiber leather is a composite of a thin polyurethane layer, and the bottom layer is made of microfiber non-woven fabric. The substrate made of cloth impregnated with polyurethane is very close to genuine leather in feel, and is resistant to low temperature, wear and tear, and is not prone to cracks. More importantly, there will be no pollution from production to use, and the environmental protection performance is excellent, so It is widely used in medium and high-end models. 3. Leather: There are many kinds of leather. It is a product that meets the requirements of people’s purpose of use through physical and chemical processing such as meat removal, degreasing, depilation, softening, fatliquoring, tanning, and dyeing through different animal skins. Generally speaking, it is durable. It has good properties, is not easy to rot and is not easy to be damaged, and the processing technology is also very different. The quality, grade and price are also divided into many grades. The first layer cowhide or the second layer cowhide is the most used in automobiles.


  1. Which leather is best for a car?

At present, due to the increase of automotive consumer goods and the lack of natural resources, the cost is much higher than that of microfiber leather, so the number of genuine leather used in automotive leather is becoming less and less, and people will choose microfiber leather instead of genuine leather.

WINIW Microfiber leather is a new material emerging with the development of textile technology. It not only has a similar structure to natural leather, but also has a similar appearance and touch to natural leather. It is difficult to distinguish the difference between the two in appearance. Therefore, microfiber leather is currently used to replace genuine leather in car leather.



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