What Is The Future Trend of China’s Auto Industry?

Now all multinational companies and independent brands are expanding production in China. From the current stage, the entire automotive industry has entered a mature period from the growth stage. In the face of growth problems, all of them are in the Eight Immortals, which are mainly manifested in three aspects: 1. Localization of high-end cars, such as Nissan’s Infiniti, Fick’s JEEP, Chery’s joint venture Jaguar Land Rover, etc., introduced their own high-end products to localization, enhancing profitability and market share of high-end cars. 2. Competition in the sedan market, such as SUV and MPV. 3, new energy vehicles, although this is the latest start, but there are various policy support, the prospects are still quite good.
Like many traditional industries, the automotive industry is taking a revolutionary approach, and the future automotive market will be very different from the current one in terms of product form and business model. Many people have asked about the impact on the automotive industry before. Traffic congestion in big cities is currently the biggest problem. Major automakers are now turning their attention to third- and fourth-tier cities and launching models with lower price and higher cost. In fact, the ultimate goal is to avoid the impact of the big city purchase restriction policy. To completely solve the problem of large-scale purchase restriction in the big city, there is still to be adjusted in terms of urban layout and resource allocation. Therefore, the restriction on purchase has affected the development of the automobile industry to a certain extent.

There are also many people who have been paying attention to the impact of driverless driving on the automotive industry. With the continuous development and popularization of the automotive industry, everyone is going to learn the car, everyone will drive, everyone has a This is the inevitable trend of the times. Secondly, with the popularity of the sharing economy, the shared car model is gradually improved, and people will travel more and more with the sharing of cars, low cost, and convenient travel. Imagine that in the future we will travel by car, we will no longer need a driver’s license, and we no longer need to buy a car. Just lightly on the phone, a car will automatically open to you. Just enter the car and you have to enter it. The destination can be, there is no need to stop after the destination, the vehicle will automatically leave, and some people predict that the car will become the next frontier for mobile technology innovation. Under the new model, the driver’s license will not be needed to achieve real The threshold of zero in meaning.

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