Which Kind of Artificial Leather is the Best?

Artificial leather is the general name of PU leather and PVC leather. PVC leather is a kind of leather that is made from the leftover materials left after various raw skins are made into finished products and then re pressed after being broken by machines. PVC artificial leather is an early PVC leather, which has poor performance and is not environmentally friendly. PVC leather is affordable, waterproof and scratch resistant. The disadvantage is that it has a plastic taste, feels hard and is sensitive to temperature. It will soften at high temperature and harden at cold temperature.
PU leather is mainly composed of high elastic fiber, which has the characteristics similar to leather. PU leather feels soft, breathable and environmentally friendly. It is the first choice for leather clothing, but the price is more expensive than PVC leather. PU leather has extremely excellent wear resistance and folding fastness comparable to natural leather. Secondly, it has moderate elongation and good skin feeling. High tear strength and peel strength (high abrasion resistance, tear force and tensile strength). PU leather is a kind of regenerated leather. It feels softer than leather and has strong flexibility. It is a high-grade leather in synthetic leather and belongs to a new type of leather. There will be no pollution from production to use, and the environmental protection performance is superior.
Therefore, PU leather is the best artificial leather.

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