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Looking at the entire automotive industry, intelligent changes, digital changes, the impact must be the entire supply chain, or the entire ecosystem, and this ecosystem has continued to expand and extend, new technologies continue to emerge, such as artificial intelligence, new The business model may become more prevalent, such as sharing cars, which will make the challenge more complicated and severe.

As an important part of the automotive supply chain, WINIW is keenly aware of market demand with its professional experience in the automotive interior and seating areas, and actively helps upstream and downstream suppliers to jointly meet future challenges. We see that WINIW leverages its expertise in design and manufacturing to provide not only 3D design solutions for automotive interior suppliers, but also tailoring solutions for automotive leather and textile fabrics to support automotive interiors and seat supplies. Maximize productivity, improve product quality and profitability, and help them achieve long-term operational excellence while meeting more flexible industry needs.
On the digital road, WINIW will work hand in hand with users and make great strides forward.


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