Application and Development of Microfiber Leather

International market, in foreign countries, especially in Japan, the production of imitation suede microfiber leather for automobiles is increasing by double digits every year, reaching 2.448 million square meters in 2004, 3.272 million square meters in 2005, close to 3.926 million square meters in 2005, synthetic leather for automobiles, will speed up in the future, to the world scale popular expansion.
Chinese market, the annual production of 6.37 million cars in 2006, it is expected that the annual production of cars can exceed 7.5 million in 2007, and the first three quarters have exceeded 6.5 million. The annual output of cars is more than 3 million, the national bus output reaches about 1.6 million, there are few microfiber leather applications, assuming that in the future there will be more than 5% of the interior fabric is replaced by “microfiber leather“, the market development space will be calculated in millions of meters.

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