Is Artificial Environmental Leather Good?

According to each environmental protection requirements level, artificial leather can be simply can be divided into: non-environmental leather, ordinary environmental protection leather and senior environmental protection leather. With the different environmental protection grade general price is also different, and the environmental protection condition is also different.
Non-environmental leather is generally cheap, mostly used in industrial products, infrastructure and other people do not need to often contact more. But with the world for environmental protection more and more attention, non-environmental leather has been gradually reduced in various fields.
Ordinary environmentally friendly leather, the components that have an impact on people, are strictly controlled, to achieve the various testing standards, is already can be used with confidence. At present, like the high-grade bags, hotel family decoration, etc. are used in the environmental protection leather.
Advanced environmental protection leather that is the European standard environmental protection leather, simply put is a little higher than the ordinary environmental protection testing standards. This kind of leather is not harm human skin and body health.
Along with the development of technology, artificial leather in environmental protection has gradually meet our human requirements, in terms of performance some leather (microfiber leather) has surpassed the performance of leather.

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