Tesla Exploded Again!

On Saturday night in Moscow local time, a Tesla Model S hit a static trailer on the highway, causing a fire and an explosion. The preliminary report indicated that the accident was caused by the autopilot system not recognizing a static trailer on the road. . The accident caused a serious injury to a father and two children.
After the accident, the 41-year-old owner and two children were rushed to the hospital and the injury was serious. The owner suffered a concussion and a broken leg, while the children were injured in the cervical spine and chest.
Globally, Tesla S/X series electric vehicles have experienced nearly or more than 50 accidents, including burning, self-ignition and explosion caused by driving, collision and charging. No matter whether it is a fuel car or a new energy car, absolute safety cannot be guaranteed. For new energy vehicles, the biggest hidden danger lies in their batteries. In this accident, due to an error in the automatic driving system, the vehicle crashed into the trailer and caused a fire and explosion, so no one died, but such a situation is extremely dangerous.
In recent years, with the development of technology in the automotive industry, both autonomous driving and new energy vehicles have shown great development potential and trends. However, today, the technical level is not perfect, it is more necessary for the car companies to strictly control the quality of the products and improve battery safety. Even with an automatic driving system, the driver should pay attention to other vehicles. The autopilot system is a great feature, but I think it will allow people to relax their vigilance and cause accidents.


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