Automotive Future Interior Design (III)

Improved lighting

Functional interior lighting is not enough. Mainstream cars have begun to adopt adjustable ambient lighting, just like home design years ago. The Mini’s lighting group can provide indirect light of various intensities, from orange to purple, with a light rotary switch. It was the first car to adopt this kind of lighting design, and other brands will launch similar designs. Functional lighting will also be improved. Citroen C4 Picasso’s door has such a light design, when your hand is placed on the door, it will emit a kind of light that resembles torch light.

Hidden air conditioning air outlet

Exposed air conditioning vents are the weakest part of the car’s interior design, and it’s practical to hide them. The Jaguar XF is a seamless panel that blocks the air outlet when not in use. There are also some concept cars that cleverly hide behind the delicate fixed grille strips above and below the dashboard. However, the perfect, completely seamless design method that covers all air conditioning vents has not yet appeared.

Example: The BMW CS, the Audi Cross Coupe, and the Chrysler Nassau concept car all showcased the hidden air conditioning vents.

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