The Main Contents of “Chinese Leather History”

“The History of Chinese Leather” is based on the long history of the development of ancient Chinese, modern and modern history. It uses rich historical events to write a miracle of the leather industry’s creation, development and creation of a world leather country on the land of China. The whole volume of the book is divided into ten volumes, nearly three million words.

From the content level, the main body is the development history of the leather industry, according to the modern understanding of the leather industry: including tanning, fur, shoes, leather, leather goods, leather chemicals, leather machinery, leather hardware shoes, etc. chain.

From the time level, it covers the history of ancient Chinese, modern leather (the first), the history of modern leather (the second), and the history of modern leather (to 2010).

From the geographical level, there are not only the national leather industry in different eras, but also the records of different provinces (eighth, ninth); from the contribution of laborers, the achievements of science and technology educators are respectively described ( The third part), the contribution of industry managers (fourth), the typical style of enterprises and representatives (fifth, six); this book also includes the cultural heritage related to leather (seventh), which can be further The readers have presented the wonderful achievements and magical legends of leather products and leather culture into the lives of the people for thousands of years, which has increased the interest and readability of this book. At the end of the book, the readers are provided with relevant literature (the tenth) for future reference.


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