British People Love Environmental Design.

With the improvement of people’s environmental awareness, environmentally friendly products are gradually infiltrating our lives. We are already learning to accept paper bags and cloth bags to replace the plastic bags in the supermarket, and learn to bring a water cup with us to reduce the use of disposable paper cups or plastic cups, but there are more things waiting for us to adapt. For example, when you drink water, you don’t need a cup, you can eat the bag directly, and so on. The following brainstorming designs are all from the UK, and the British people’s emphasis on environmental protection seems to have gone ahead and is worth learning.

1, Water storage container that can be eaten
Inspired by molecular cuisine, three students studying industrial design in London, England, used a technique called “spherification” to design a “water container that can be eaten” – Ooho.

The so-called “spherification” technology is actually a packaging technology that plasticizes a liquid into a sphere, just like the transparent, punctured film on the outside of the egg yolk. The water container called “Ooho” is easy to make, strong and hard to break, biodegradable and edible, and most importantly, the production cost is still low. To drink water, just eat a whole “packaged large drops” just fine.

2, No plastic chewing gum
A supermarket in the UK is the first to start selling a “plastic-free gum” Simply Gum. The chewing gum is said to have been developed by a US food company, known as “no synthetics, no artificial flavors, no preservatives”, and is a chewing gum certified by non-GMO projects. This is mainly because surveys show that about 95% of the streets in the UK are stuck with sticky substances such as chewing gum, while Simply Gum does not contain any plastics and is biodegradable, which can help solve urban hygiene problems to some extent. .

Chewing gum can not swallow. In fact, it is because it contains “gum base”, which is “no nutrient, not digestible and insoluble in water”. Studies have shown that the basic components of the gum base include rubber. Simply Gum emphasizes “no plastics”, which are said to be raw materials derived from biodegradable edible latex in Central America, naturally sweet sucrose, organic plant glycerin with increased moisturization and gluten-free rice flour.

3, Methane-driven bus
On the road from Bristol Airport to Bath, there is a 40-seat bus that is also environmentally friendly. It is driven by methane – a flammable gas produced from various feces, waste foods, etc. Methane is used to drive the engine.

It is understood that the methane used in the car, each tank equivalent to the amount of waste extracted by five people a year, can make the bus run about 300 kilometers.

4, A backpack made from office old chair.
A student of product design at the City University of Birmingham, UK, took out a durable, waterproof, crash-proof bag “Rest” made from the back of an abandoned office chair. This is his new invention, which is to transform some used office chairs into hard-shell backpacks and bicycle baskets.

According to surveys, more than 810,000 office chairs are discarded each year in the UK, and this design is just enough to recycle used office chairs. It is said that “Rest” has won the “Stepping Stone” award in the “2017 RSA Student Design Award”.

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