Can Artificial Leather Replace Natural Leather?

Simply consider the feel of this problem, the artificial leather microfiber leather and some high-end PU material has been able to do with the real leather feel appearance almost no difference.
The closest microfiber, microfiber is nozzle jet superfine fiber, stacked non-woven fabric production process to a certain thickness after use similar filaments with needle pierced closer, again into fertilizer filling, microfiber on the structure is simulated biological a structure of fibrous tissue, after adding the additives these dry again left soft, to BASE material BASE.
On the physical and chemical properties of this piece, in fact, leather is not as good as microfiber, microfiber wear resistance, dry and wet rub color fastness, tear strength and other indicators are far higher than leather. For daily maintenance, leather care needs cleaning agent, do not care for a few years after the surface is easy to dry crack, and microfiber leather with a rag water can clean. Leather with the key to scrape the skin is easy to scratch, microfiber leather scratch performance is very excellent. Microfiber leather with its own advantages, widely loved by the public, so at present microfiber leather has become the best choice to replace natural leather.

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