The Difference between Nappa Leather and Genuine Leather

  • The material is different
  • Nappa leather generally choose to grow well calfskin to do materials, and this was chosen as the material of calfskin rarely break, belong to the noble in cowhide, so the price is also higher than ordinary leather.
  • Ordinary leather is divided into first layer cowhide, two layer cowhide and viscose cowhide. The first layer of cowhide refers to the surface layer of cowhide, the second layer of cowhide refers to the first layer of the lower layer. Ordinary genuine leather is different in price according to the quality of the skin.
  • Different quality
  • Nappa leather because it is a healthy calf cowhide, so the feel is more delicate and smooth compared to ordinary leather to book.
    And ordinary leather has different grades of quality, the first layer of leather feel more delicate but easy to damage; second layer of leather is rougher, relatively leather flesh feeling is not strong, but more wear-resistant. In the ordinary leather, the better leather is small bull grain leather, tanned by vegetable tanning agent and alum salt, can maintain the texture of the skin to the maximum extent.
  • Different uses
  • Because nappa leather is senior leather, so it is usually used on the steering wheel or seat of luxury cars, so that it looks luxury cars have class and better touch.
    Ordinary leather is generally common in everyday appliances, such as sofas, car seats and other places, so that wear-resistant, durable, not easy to break.


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