How to Clean Car Leather Seats?

Usually car owners will choose a car beauty shop to clean the leather seats of the car, which not only saves time but also saves effort. But whether careful car owners will find that the leather after cleaning will become hard and have tiny cracks. This is mainly because they use foam detergents, which are somewhat corrosive. It is recommended to use a natural and environmentally friendly detergent or soap, because it is not only extremely corrosive, but also has strong detergency, and the leather surface is soft and shiny after drying. In addition, the owner can clean it by himself, which is convenient and affordable.
The specific method is to soak in warm water with a clean soft towel, apply an appropriate amount of soap evenly on the towel, and then gently wipe the seat (the folds can be wiped repeatedly). At this time, if the towel becomes dirty, it proves that the decontamination has a significant effect. After wiping the soap, let it air dry, and then wipe it twice with a wet towel that does not contain soap after washing. This method decontaminates, the leather surface is clean and fluffy, fresh as ever. This method also applies to the door trim and the plastic parts of the instrument panel. The reason is that soap (scented soap) has strong detergency and no irritation to human skin, so it is more practical for leather parts. Wipe with clean water when cleaning.

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