Follow-up headlights become standard.

Ordinary headlights have a fixed illumination range, and when the night car turns on a curve, the illumination angle cannot be adjusted, and a “blind zone” often appears on the inside of the curve. The follow-up headlights continuously adjust the headlights dynamically, keeping them in line with the current direction of the car, ensuring the driver’s visibility.

The follow-up headlights used to be the unique technology of the BMW 5 Series, and have now quietly brewed into more models. Dongfeng Citroen Triumph, Guangzhou Toyota Camry and Dongfeng Nissan Xintian are good examples. More attention to safety and a decline in manufacturing costs are the main basis for the trend of moving to headlights. Although most consumers have not yet viewed this function from a safe height, with the increasing number of owners who have actually used it, it is bound to become one of the next concerns.


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