How to Distinguish Good and Bad Microfiber Leather?

Winiw tells you how to distinguish good and bad microfiber leather

  • Looking at the texture, you will find that the texture of high-quality microfiber leather is more clear and the surface layer has a strong sense of leather. The inferior microfiber leather has a rough texture and a strong sense of plastic.
  • Feel: high quality microfiber leather has a good feel, with high flexibility, resilience and comfort.
  • Look at the creases, fold up the same kind of microfiber leather, compare the thickness of the wrinkles in the middle creases, and see if the creases can disappear quickly when recovering. The smaller the creases, the faster the creases disappear, which means the better the Pu on the surface layer and the base fabric on the bottom layer of the microfiber leather, which is an important indicator of high-quality microfiber leather.
  • Look for scratches. Scrape the surface of microfiber leather with hard objects to see if there are scratches. Generally, the surface of high-quality microfiber leather is very scratch resistant.
  • Hydrolysis resistant, high-quality microfiber leather is very hydrolysis resistant, and the service life of the microfiber is more than 5 years. Of course, it is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye, but you must ask clearly when purchasing.
  • Base cloth, the base cloth is a key component of the super fiber leather, which is related to the overall performance of the super fiber leather. A good base cloth determines that the performance of the super fiber leather is more stable.
    Of course, these methods can only be applied when comparing the ordinary super fiber leather varieties of the same kind, and special categories and special uses are different.

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