Custom Auto Interior Fabric Alcantra Leather Material For Headliner

Custom Auto Interior Fabric Alcantra Leather Material For Headliner

MaterialMicrofiber Suede
Lead Time7-15 days
Production Capacity200,000 meters per month
Place of OriginFujian, China
Colorich for choosing
Minimum Order Quantity300 meter
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Custom Auto Interior Fabric Alcantra Leather Material For Headliner

Product Information

Car Seat, Car, Seat covers.Vehicle doors.Vehicle penal.Dash board.Steering wheel covers.Car roof.Headrest.Interior cars upholstery.Armrest
Waterproof, Elastic, Anti-Mildew, Abrasion-Resistant, Eco-friendly
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Model Number
Car Seat Cover Material
1.37m; 54
Black,Brown, Grey,more than 50 colors
500 meters
Automotive Leather
Car Interior Decos

When it comes to upgrading the interior of your vehicle, one material that you should definitely consider is Alcantara leather. This high-quality material is an excellent choice for a headliner because of its superior durability, comfort, and aesthetics.

Alcantara leather is a synthetic material that is designed to look and feel like real leather. It is composed of a unique blend of polyester and polyurethane, which gives it the strength and durability of polyester while also providing the softness and comfort of polyurethane. This material is also highly resistant to stains, water, and fading, making it an ideal choice for automobile interiors.

One of the main advantages of using Alcantara leather for your headliner is its luxurious feel. This material has a plush texture that is soft and comfortable to the touch, which makes your drive more pleasant and enjoyable. It also has a beautiful, sophisticated appearance, which enhances the overall look and value of your vehicle.

Another benefit of using Alcantara leather for your headliner is its excellent insulation properties. This material provides superior sound and temperature control, which ensures that you have a quiet and comfortable driving experience regardless of the weather conditions outside.

Overall, there is no doubt that Alcantara leather is an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their car’s interior. It is a high-quality material that offers numerous benefits, including comfort, durability, and aesthetic appeal. So if you’re considering a new headliner for your car, be sure to check out Alcantara leather and see for yourself why it’s quickly becoming one of the most popular materials in the automotive industry.

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Company Profile


QUANZHOU WINIW IMPORT AND EXPORT CO.,LTD is a subsidiary of Winiw International Co., Limited, is devoted to providing the optimal leather options, the best leather substitute and best leather alternatives for our respected customers from all over the world. WINIW microfiber leather (micro fiber leather, microfiber) is the highest quality grade artificial leather PU leather faux leather, a high-tech simulation of high-end synthetic leather. WINIW Microfiber Leather is simulated the structure of natural leather, using sea-island superfine micro fiber (ultra-fine fiber bundle), and high-grade polyurethane resins as raw materials, using needel punched nonwoven technology of 3D structure, has a lot of similar characters as natural leather, however better physical & chemical performance, superior durability, has been widely popular around the world. Because of superior performance, WINIW microfiber leather has been the optimal alternative of real leather, and best leather substitute material, can replace natural leather perfectly! We provide the optimal leather options, the best leather substitute and best leather alternatives for automotive seat covers and interiors, furniture & sofa upholstery, footwear and shoes, bags, garments, gloves, balls, etc. Under the principle of win-win cooperation, WINIW always provide the high quality materials and best service, and work for long term partnership with all our customers.




Q1: What is the Brand Name of Microfiber Suede Leather?

A1: The Brand Name Of Microfiber Suede Leather Is WINIW.

Q2: What is the Model Number of Microfiber Suede Leather?

A2: The Model Number Of Microfiber Suede Leather Is Microsuede Leather For Cars.

Q3: Where is the Place of Origin of Microfiber Suede Leather?

A3: The Place Of Origin Of Microfiber Suede Leather Is Fujian, China.

Q4: What is the Certification of Microfiber Suede Leather?

A4: The Certification Of Microfiber Suede Leather Is REACH.

Q5: What is the Minimum Order Quantity of Microfiber Suede Leather?

A5: The Minimum Order Quantity Of Microfiber Suede Leather Is 500meters/Thickness/Color.




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