The Focus Of The Interior Design.

We often say that the car interior design refers to the design of the interior space (such as the center console, seats, dashboards, etc.) and is an important part of the car. Compared with the appearance, the interior design of the car is more cumbersome, and the design work of the interior system accounts for more than 60% of the design of the car, and its importance can be seen. Whether as a car owner or a passenger, we spend most of our time in the car, so interior design is also an important selection criterion when buying a car.
The automotive industry is welcoming an unprecedented wave of intelligence and digitalization. Under this trend, various segments of automotive R&D are undergoing profound changes, such as interior design and development.
In the past few years, the development of electronic devices in the car has attracted attention. The technologies such as HUD and full LCD instrument have increased the complexity of electronic devices in the car. Dr. Heinz Abel, head of Continental’s cross-product solutions, said that the interior design of the car is changing rapidly. More and more models use full LCD meters instead of traditional ones, which directly leads to the further rise of software and the use of mechanical hardware. The rate will continue to decline, so the mainland will focus more on software testing and system integration testing.


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