Yanfeng First Launch XiM20 Interior Experience Cabin.

On January 23, 2019, Sunnyvale, Calif., the world’s largest automotive interior supplier Yanfeng Automotive Interior today unveiled its mobile travel experience cabin called XiM20. This interior design concept is designed to provide a completely new user experience for fully self-driving shared travel, meeting the individual needs of passengers. XiM20 brings together the company’s most in-depth research results to date.
“When thinking about the XiM concept cabin iteration, we believe that the research on user needs should not only focus on the car itself, but also jump out of the mobile travel environment,” said Han Hendriks, chief technology officer of Yanfeng Automotive Interiors. “We explored the research. An important factor affecting the quality of life of consumers, and what can create a memorable and enjoyable travel experience. On the XiM20, advanced technology and product innovation with a simple and intuitive design, for consumers who use shared travel in the future autonomous driving environment Provides a flexible and comfortable interior environment.”
The XiM20 demonstrates the integration of interior technology to provide consumers with a range of functional options while satisfying their sensory experience. With smart surface technology, the display screen and navigation system are hidden from the interior of the car interior, and consumers can freely choose whether to interact with them on demand.
“As an industry leader, we can provide a complete and complete interior solution. But during the XiM iteration, we keep asking ourselves: If every achievable product and technology is placed in this space, then are we Providing value? The results of the survey show that the answer is no. On the contrary, in the context of interior design and development, we need to understand and create a different interactive interior experience, but avoid too complicated. For the future mobile travel This is where the opportunity lies,” Han added.

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