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China International Leather Exhibition (ACLE, also known as Shanghai Leather Exhibition) is the only international-level exhibition in China. It has always been hailed as a grand event for international companies to explore the huge Chinese market. It is also the focus of the global leather industry. Since its inception in 1998, the Leather Fair has welcomed tens of thousands of buyers each year from major Chinese provinces that manufacture leather and produce footwear and leather products.
At present, China’s leather […]

Tesla Exploded Again!

On Saturday night in Moscow local time, a Tesla Model S hit a static trailer on the highway, causing a fire and an explosion. The preliminary report indicated that the accident was caused by the autopilot system not recognizing a static trailer on the road. . The accident caused a serious injury to a father and two children.
After the accident, the 41-year-old owner and two children were rushed to the hospital and the injury was serious. The owner suffered […]

The top ten global car sales in the first half of 2019

The top ten global car sales in the first half of 2019:
Toyota Corolla + Corolla EX
Ford F Series
Toyota RAV 4
Honda Civic
Honda CR-V
Volkswagen Tiguan
Volkswagen Golf
Toyota Camry
Ram Pickup
Volkswagen Polo
The top ten models in the global sales list have not changed much, and the Japanese models account for 5 seats. These models are also explosion models in China. Throughout the top ten, the rankings of Volkswagen’s three models have all declined, and sales have fallen sharply, with golf falling the most.
Toyota’s global […]

How many kilometers is the battery life enough to use?

First of all, for people who have charging piles in their homes or who have charging conditions nearby, the cruising range is not very important. Most people’s cars are used in homes, units, supermarkets, restaurants, and so on. For the most extreme cases, if you use an average of 100 kilometers per day, the 300-kilometer model can actually be used. Satisfy. Even if there is no electric pile, it means more than half an hour of charging time every […]

Leather Industry Brand Conference: Marketing Strategy and Consumer Trends.

Focusing on the theme of “Marketing Strategy and Consumer Trends”, the forum invited Jayne Esteve Cure, President of the French Fashion Research Center, and Li Chonggang, General Manager of Alibaba Tmall Boutique Department Store, to give a special speech. At the same time, Mr. Wang Wei, Executive Vice President of the Hong Kong Brands Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Wang Weizhong, Deputy General Manager of Daphne Investment (Group) Co., Ltd., Zhang Limin, Chairman of Start (China) Co., Ltd., and Qian […]

New Energy Vehicle Key Components Technology Conference

As an important component of the new energy electric vehicle battery system, the battery management system (BMS) plays an important role in controlling the voltage, temperature, current, SOC, SOH, SOP and other parameters of the battery pack, and the new energy vehicle The performance of high-voltage key components directly affects the release speed of electric vehicles and energy-saving performance of new energy vehicles, both of which are key technologies for the sustainable development of new energy vehicles.
The second phase […]

The Automotive Industry News

The latest issue of the exclusive leather market report warned that the “next major consumer problem” facing the leather industry is likely to come from the automotive industry. Since leather has lost a significant share of the footwear market, the automotive industry is seen by many as the last safe haven for leather. However, this report released worrying news. The report pointed out that the data showed that car sales and production fell by one digit.
The report said that […]

SAE-AWC International Forum on Self-driving Car Safety Technology

The SAE-AWC 2019 Automated Driving Safety Technology International Forum, jointly organized by Reed Exhibitions and SAE International, will invite industry leaders, experts and scholars from home and abroad to discuss the safety challenges and solutions of self-driving cars. Including autonomous driving standards, regulations, automatic driving safety design, functional safety, network security, automatic driving system technology, safety testing, verification and evaluation and other rich content.
At present, Geely Automobile senior chief engineer, senior director of FAW Group Autopilot R&D Center, chief […]


On August 28-30, the AUTOMOTIVE WORLD CHINA 2019 Automotive Electronics Technology Exhibition, which will focus on the frontiers of automotive electronics, will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition will be from AUTOMATIVE WORLD, a highly appealing automotive technology exhibition in Asia. The display scope covers key areas such as autonomous driving, intelligent network, body electronics, testing technology, and new energy vehicles. It strives to bring forward-looking and innovative technical solutions to the audience to jointly […]

Yanfeng Trim System News.

Yanfeng trim system signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Goer shares.
On July 18th, Yanfeng Automotive Trim Systems Co., Ltd. (Yanfeng Decoration) and Goertek Co., Ltd. (Gore) Shanghai signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two companies will jointly build an industry-leading automotive smart cockpit acoustic system, intelligent interaction and smart sensor products. Dynaudio is a high-end audio brand from Denmark. Goer shares will authorize Yanfeng to use the Dynaudio brand in its smart cockpit audio products and jointly launch a […]

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