Automotive Upholstery Leather Industry News

Automotive Aftermarket Development Trend.

Industry consolidation will continue.
Enterprises with poor overall competitive strength will face shuffling out. The general trend of automobile aftermarket development will be the reduction of brand quantity, while brand specialization and centralized trend are obvious. A large number of well-known brands are concentrated in the hands of a few enterprises, and the development trend of the same industry The same tends to monopolize and scale.
The advent of the meager profit era.
With the increasingly fierce market competition and the constant […]

Yanfeng First Launch XiM20 Interior Experience Cabin.

On January 23, 2019, Sunnyvale, Calif., the world’s largest automotive interior supplier Yanfeng Automotive Interior today unveiled its mobile travel experience cabin called XiM20. This interior design concept is designed to provide a completely new user experience for fully self-driving shared travel, meeting the individual needs of passengers. XiM20 brings together the company’s most in-depth research results to date.
“When thinking about the XiM concept cabin iteration, we believe that the research on user needs should not only focus on […]

Yan Feng unveiled the first new parts technology exhibition of FAW Red Flag.

On January 22, “walking with the times to make dreams come true” China FAW 2019 Red Flag Supply Chain Partner Conference was held in Changchun, Jilin. At the same time, the first meeting of the first batch of new technology and technology exhibition of FAW Hongqi was held. Yanfeng was invited to participate in this grand event, and 14 innovative products were unveiled in Beiguochuncheng. At the event site, Wang Weizhong, deputy general manager of Yanfeng, was the chairman […]

Related tests show that many car seat cushions have hidden dangers.

On July 20th, CCTV’s “Weekly Quality Report” released an investigation into the car seat on the market. According to the report, Ms. Xue, who was pregnant, bought a hand-made car cool pad from the auto-distribution city of Tantou Town in Tiantai County this spring. After a long trip, Ms. Xue had a rash all over her body. For allergies. Later, when Ms. Xue once again took her own car, there was an allergic reaction. When Ms. Xue opened the […]

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