Automotive Upholstery Leather Industry News

Garst Deflagration When Tesla Is Stationary.

According to netizens’ exposure, a Tesla in Shanghai suddenly spontaneously ignited in the basement. The Tesla official later said that after the accident, the company sent the team to the scene at the first time last night and is actively contacting the relevant departments. Cooperate with the verification.
According to the latest information, this is an old Model S with a car age of about 3.5 years. When the vehicle is deflagrating, the vehicle is not in a state of […]

Car Interior Materials History(I)

Car interior materials history
In the 1940s, many automotive seat covering fabrics used vinyl or vinylidene chloride, which was dyed with dye under melt conditions, had high color fastness and was easy to clean. At the same time, after the Second World War, nylon began to appear and was used in car decoration along with other materials.
Since the 1950s, fabrics treated with PVC coatings have begun to be widely used in apparel, home decor, and automotive interiors. Because this material […]

Automotive Future Interior Design (I)

Many car owners do not like light interiors, because they are easy to dirty, not easy to clean, the sun is shining on the top, it is unsafe, and even the light interior is classified as a disadvantage. Some car owners go to their own interiors because they don’t like light interiors. Some car owners have chosen the car that they like because of the color of the interior. Not only will there be more cars with dark interior […]

British People Love Environmental Design.

With the improvement of people’s environmental awareness, environmentally friendly products are gradually infiltrating our lives. We are already learning to accept paper bags and cloth bags to replace the plastic bags in the supermarket, and learn to bring a water cup with us to reduce the use of disposable paper cups or plastic cups, but there are more things waiting for us to adapt. For example, when you drink water, you don’t need a cup, you can eat the […]

Quickly Process The Leather Of The Car Interior.

Over the years, an increasingly obvious trend has been to manufacture automotive interior parts from high-quality materials such as leather and artificial leather.
A composite of polyurethane foam or spacer fabric makes leather an attractive soft touch decorative material.
Molding compounding is the standard technique for processing high quality and refined materials. This material, as well as increased production, places high demands on production equipment and processes.
FRIMO offers a variety of composite solutions to ensure that this process requires only a […]

Great Reform In Car Interiors

However, when leather is further applied and creates greater value, it also faces many challenges: in addition to the complexity of the production process due to the upgrade of interior functions and diversified customer needs, the quality is also required to be more reliable and cost-effective. Development and delivery time is further reduced. This means that in the value chain triggered by leather, benefits and challenges coexist.
It is understood that the tools and solutions used in the development, design […]

Great Changes In Car Interiors, Leather Has Become A “new vent”.

In recent years, as the automobile consumption structure tends to be younger, in addition to the appearance and power configuration, the interior has always been the focus of competition among car companies. Personalization, humanization, comfort and safety have become increasingly prominent and constantly improving. In particular, under the advancing of the automatic driving boom, it has given more imagination to the future car interior.
Leather, as a common covering material and an important quality symbol in automotive interiors, digitally involved […]

Russia subsidizes the automobile industry with 8 billion US dollars.

According to the website of the Ministry of Commerce of China, according to the recent report of the Russian businessmen’s newspaper website, the Russian government has announced the relevant rules for providing subsidies to domestic auto companies in 2014-2016.
According to the rules, the Russian government will allocate 270 billion rubles (about 8 billion U.S. dollars) to support the development of the auto industry by 2016. The news pointed out that this subsidy can only be enjoyed by car companies […]

The Automobile Industry Should Deepen Its Openness & Cooperation.

Xu Heyi, Chairman of BAIC Group, shared his thoughts on deepening open cooperation and promoting the high-quality development of the automobile industry. Xu Heyi said that import tariffs have been lowered, and the ratio of joint-venture stocks has gradually eased.
The Chinese auto industry is expanding at an unprecedented rate. At this time, it is necessary to make breakthroughs in technology, comprehensively strengthen open cooperation in research and development, and ignite the driving force of innovation engines. The development of […]

The 11th Global Automotive Industry Summit in Shanghai 2019.

The industrial revolution brought about by the new round of technological revolution in 2019, the connotation and extension of the automobile industry and automobile products continue to expand, and the new trend of electrification, networking, intelligence and sharing is deconstructing the old pattern to meet individualization.
A new industrial chain centered on consumption and travel services is taking shape. In the era of technology and innovation, emerging technologies such as digitalization, artificial intelligence, and blockchain have promoted the rapid integration […]