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What is Imitation Leather?

Imitation leather is artificial leather, simulated leather is made of PVC, PU,PE and other thin film processing materials, with a variety of texture and color, wear resistance, cold resistance and color, gloss, pattern patterns and other industries widely used in clothing, shoes, leather goods, automotive floor glue manufacturing.
Because of the innovation of production technology, the surface of imported simulated leather on the market in recent years is almost similar to that of genuine leather. Clothing, leather shoes and leather […]

The characteristics of Microfiber Leather wipe cloth

High Water Absorption: water absorption is the same cotton cloth 7 times. The microfiber leather divides the filament into eight petals by the orange petal technology, which increases the fiber surface area and the pores in the fabric. The water absorption effect is enhanced by the capillary core absorption effect, and the rapid water absorption and drying become its remarkable characteristics.
Strong Detergency: diameter:The fineness of 4um microfiber is only 1/10 of real silk. Its special cross section can more […]