What is Microfiber Nappa Leather?

In 1875, the Sawyer Tanning Company of Nappa County, California, adopted a new tanning technique using vegetable tanning agents and alum salts to produce a very soft and delicate leather called Nappa leather.
Nappa leather was first created by Sawyer Tannery Co. Microfiber Nappa leather refers to microfiber leather with a fine-grain surface that is not embossed and is untrimmed or lightly trimmed to maintain its natural grain. The surface coating is very thin to maximize the original leather texture of the leather.
Nappa mainly refers to a style and a representative craft. Nappa leather has the advantages of light resistance, sweat resistance, abrasion resistance, solvent resistance, etc., and good breathability, so it is loved by consumers. Nappa leather is quite widely used in automobile upholstery, shoe upper, luggage, and other industries.

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