Advantages and Disadvantages of Pigskin and Cowhide

Advantages of pigskin and cowhide: Pig leather has good air and water vapor permeability, high strength and wear resistance; cow leather has high glossiness, tender and smooth leather, soft leather, wear resistance and tensile resistance. Disadvantages of pigskin and cowhide: Pig leather has large pores, rough dermatoglyph, poor aesthetics, poor fullness and elasticity, and rough leather surface and poor softness due to the uneven surface of the cortex; the disadvantage of cow leather is that the price of high-grade cow leather is high, and cheap cow leather is easy to crack or even break after a long time. Cowhide is the skin of animal cattle, which is often used in handicraft because of its fine, firm and durable leather. Pigskin hypodermic is adipose develop, grow deeper, perforative at whole corium layer, wool root grows centrally most inside a adipose awl, after making a shoe, grain side is coarser, smooth degree is inferior to cowhide; The fiber bundle of next pigskin is stronger, interweave very close solid, accordingly, it has greater intensity and wearability.


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