Artificial Leather Product’s Technology Development.

Due to the special properties of the artificial leather synthetic leather and the speciality of the production process, it belongs to the edge discipline of the four flexible production systems of textile, paper, leather and plastic. Therefore, it should draw lessons from the technology of the four flexible production systems and at the same time exert its own characteristics. These techniques are applied organically in combination.

With the continuous advancement of technology in the future, new multi-functional artificial leather products are becoming more and more important in industrial applications, such as new flame-retardant artificial leather fabrics, insulated artificial leather fabrics, and temperature-changing phase-change artificial leather fabrics. China is the only country in developing countries that can produce. Others are breathable and moisture permeable polyurethane synthetic leather, fireproof, waterproof, oil proof, anti-static coating fabric, self-cleaning, waterproof and oil repellent finishing polyurethane coated fabric, antibacterial finishing artificial leather synthetic leather, nano sol artificial leather synthetic leather, organic Silicon poly artificial leather synthetic leather, color directional luminescent coating fabric and so on.

The future production of artificial leather synthetic leather should be based on “low carbon environmental protection”. Focusing on the theme of environmental protection, we gradually integrate cutting-edge technology and adopt modern machinery and equipment. While reducing production costs, we are constantly developing raw and auxiliary materials with new functions to meet market needs. From complete machine manufacturing to special inspection instruments and meters, from equipment multi-function to control technology, it has reached the advanced national level, especially the post-processing processing equipment technology of artificial leather synthetic leather, which has realized modern equipment that saves energy, reduces cost and reduces environmental impact. Has become an important supporting technology. Many companies’ inspection and physicochemical equipment are based on international standards to establish their own testing institutions.


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