Is Nappa Leather Worth it in a Car?

NAPPA leather is widely used in furs, uppers, bags and other industries. It is made of high-quality cattle leather and chemical materials with excellent performance, using advanced leather-making technology and high-precision leather-making equipment. Nappa leather is also used in automotive interior modification. Nappa leather is waterproof and impermeable, not easy to age, and has longer hydrolysis resistance time and longer service life than ordinary leather. Because the surface of Napa leather is not modified, it keeps natural texture and can show the natural pattern beauty of leather. It is not only wear-resistant, but also has good air permeability. Compared with other leather, the leather of Nappa leather is softer, which effectively improves the comfort of the seat. Generally speaking, the surface of Nappa leather is delicate, smooth and soft, durable, not easy to deform, mildew-proof and wear-resistant, which is a very good choice for car seats.

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